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all i want for christmas

December 10, 2009

“If Santa Claus was real do you think he would bring me a les-toy?”


Dear Santa Claus, this is what I want for Christmas

1 hot butch to rumble with

2 new dresses that look good on the floor

3 hundred dollars to wine and dine

4 pairs of underwear to be ripped to shreds

5 sets of handcuffs to be broken

6 lengths of rope to give me bruises

7 blocks of chocolate to keep us going

8 clamps to use as we see fit

9 different pairs of heels to make her swoon

10 kinky sexual positions to leave us all worn out

11 scented candles so we can play with the hot wax

12 hours of undisturbed bliss just for us

Now, is that too hard to acquire?

– Cal.