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breathe: the truth of it

November 22, 2009

“If I swear that I’ll change will it make any difference?”


I have as must luck with electronics as love, that being said I’m forever single.

I’m posting today for someone who may not even read this, but I feel that posting this might help. Unlike previous posts (only two, but see, I can count!) this isn’t a rambling but something a little closer to home. Hope you enjoy:

For my lover…

For my friend.




I cannot breathe tonight

For you have stolen my breath, yet again

And what is there for me to gain it back?

To be left in your hands

To feel the softness of your smooth skin


You have awakened me

You have brought to life a monster inside

I pray you can withstand it’s force

For I cannot withstand you

Maybe you can tame it with wild caresses


The world cannot exist

There is too much to feel and love in here

It is too perfect for this place we inhabit

You and me, alone in eternity

And my skin tingles underneath yours


And here we exist only

No future or past can haunt us, or loom

There is but our subject in ecstasy here

And your breathing heaves

To counteract with those rapid movements


These harsh, erotic motions

For once I feel the true joy in this action

For once, I can rejoice in its light of love

This grinding and pulsing

It bursts forth this adrenaline, something forgotten


Your smile warms me

For our skin is so cold, yet sweltering in heat

So clear oppositions to our own delights

Your fingertips burn me

Your carve out my curves with a tightened grasp


I have done this before

Yet it has held no meaning of this motion we dare

I cling, wishing you to hold me tighter

To push me further

To hold me harder against your pounding heartbeat


And I can feel it all

This cold mockery of modesty I gained is now lost

I only wish for more of you, for all of you

I shall be delivered here

This ostentatious display of all our affections


I pray I will not leave

I doubt I could even if I dared to try

You hold me too captivated in love

This growing climax

To break my boundaries, thrust into joy


You have shredded it

Shredded all that held me to the earth

This splendiferous single moment

Like a glorious sunrise

It shall not ever escape my memory


And you breathe harder

While I lack the ability to breathe at all

Harder and faster against my skin

Marks of infatuation

So harsh and gentle a graze in one movement


This resplendent nature

Your body is too beautiful for words here

Creates too much fire in my heart to want

So I shall die in our bliss

We have never been so far from ourselves, yet so close


This is too perfect

Only our emotions shall overtake this action

Only our hearts may make this over-exaggerated

Otherwise I shall never breathe again

And then something inside breaks down in us


Your lips trembling

They only seem to tease my skin, sending shivers along

Soft words whispered in my ear, barely comprehensible

Your breath sticks in your throat

And that glorious sound of release contorts us


And I can relive

The soft arch of your back, and the tightening of muscles

My body knows only to mimic this action against you

I care not for breathing now, only this

That magnificent pleasure of you, with me, alone in ecstasy


The world cannot exist

For here I must stay in this one moment

We are so close, never to be parted now

Our bodies too melted together

How are we ever to depart from one another?


And I am lost for words

How am I to explain such an act as which was performed?

How am I to put words to such movements and motions?

To these emotions, how to describe?

But let me say, I am all but altered in one way; name, alone


And I cannot breathe tonight

I gasp for breath, still not feeling your weight above me

Too ingrained in my being are you now to move

And to qualify such an act

You kiss my lips softly, as if it were only an inclination


I can taste the salt

The salt of my tears, and of our exertion

How can I be but smiling to you now?

For you have unwound me so

For you have freed what was once so captive in me


And I pray for no world

That it were all to disappear, except this small room

Except for this bed, now so ravaged in rapture

And in that quiet space

Where I had not room enough to think, I now recall


I can feel those small kisses

The ones you laced on my neck so delicately beforehand

Then the way your fingers wrapped around my figure

Each tiny shift and gesture they made

I can smell the cologne you wore, strong and sweet upon me


Those words you whispered

The ones that took down my defense without expectation

When you slowly undressed me and let your eyes roam

Each contortion of my body

And then there was you, only you next to me


And then my eyes roamed

And they amazed at each muscle contraction you made

And I felt each sharp wisp of air escape you

And tears filled my eyes for you

Each jagged breath you sucked in through clenched lips


I recapture your eyes

How gracefully you placed yourself above me

You laced more kisses along me and I gasped

And you stole my breath

And then I was sure that the world could never exist


And you satisfied me

For all I did not know what I wanted nor needed

And each signal you made to me, I reciprocated to you

Then you gazed in amazement

My chest rising and falling too fast to be natural


That adrenaline rushing

Not like anything I had ever felt before with anyone

And this is the safest place I had found before

You laughed at my splendor

How absolutely delighted I was by our affections


You promised me care

And you were so gentle, with my body and my heart alike

For once, this exchange of passions held much more to me

It was our commemoration

It was our acknowledgement of emotions long held


I cannot breathe tonight

Even as you hold me close and regain your own oxygen

And though my chest does rise and fall contentedly

I think I may not breathe again

For I can only breathe with you within me, and all around


And the sun enlightens

It awakens the entire world again, and we are not alone

I would sigh if I were not in rapture still

For you lay beside me

And for once that cold modesty I held is all lost to me


So I smile at you

You, with your eyes closed as your exertion sets in fully

For now I wish to laugh in enchantment and I shall

For now I have you and you alone

And I love you with everything; I cannot breathe tonight